Dillon’s Jewelers offers many services to meet your needs!

On Site Jewelry Repairs
Ring sizing

Prong repair

Clasp replacement


Professional cleaning, polishing and rhodium plating

Bracelet and chain repair

Restring pearls

Reshank, remount and more

You can feel comfortable knowing your jewelry never leaves our store. Saving you worry and time spent shipping repairs out.  All jewelry repairs are completed on-site in our fully equipped shop. Our shop is fully equipped with a high tech laser welder. Our sales staff will examine your piece of jewelry, consult with our experienced craftsmen, if necessary, and explain your options for repair and price quotes.
Are you uncomfortable leaving your jewelry for repair? We understand your concern about leaving something with high monetary and sentimental value. Our family jewelry store has been in business for over 24 years.

Custom design jewelry
Come in with photos, drawings or anything that has inspired you. We will combine your ideas with our expertise and experience to create a one-of-a-kind heirloom for you.
Do you have a ring you love, but never wear because it’s so large it catches on everything? Why not turn it into a pendant? Did we remove two links from your sapphire bracelet? Why not make matching earrings? Did you inherit a pin from your grandmother? We can turn that beautiful antique pin you never wear into a necklace you never take off.
Do you have diamonds or gemstones that were passed down to you, removed when you scrapped gold, or in a piece of jewelry you never wear? Use those stones to create a beautiful NEW piece of jewelry.
We are happy to assist in resetting your diamonds from a yellow gold mounting into white gold or platinum. You may want to add more diamonds or get a second wedding band for the other side of your engagement ring. Need an idea? Stop in, we have plenty!

Insurance appraisals
Insurance companies often require an appraisal from a GIA professional. We have a GIA accredited jewelry professional ready to take your appraisal information while you are waiting.

Appraisals are free of charge on our pieces at the time of purchase. With any purchase at Dillon’s Jewelers you can request an appraisal free of charge.

We also do appraisals on jewelry not purchased at our store.

We’ll take the time with you that you deserve. We understand all your jewelry is important, and will take the time to go over each of your pieces with you.

Included with the appraisal will be two appraisal forms, one for your reference and one for your insurance company.

Appraisals are crucially important to the safety of your item, we understand this and provide a detailed, in-depth appraisal including measurements on each stone, total carat weights, and estimated retail replacement costs.

On-site watch and clock repair
Due to our on site horologist, we have an excellent return time on our watch repairs. As well as providing watch batteries and link removals while you wait.
If your watch requites repairs beyond a battery, we ask for a $10 deposit, this deposit will be applied toward your purchase or refunded if you choose not to have the work done. We will call to explain what is wrong with the watch and give you a free quote for the repair.
Your watch will be repaired and returned on estimate within one to three weeks, as well as your $10 deposit.

Estate jewelry and Gold buyers
It’s very simple. Just bring it all in — even if you’re not sure what is real jewelry and what is costume. We purchase gold and silver! We will sort, test, weigh and then hand you cash– right on the spot.
Broken Jewelry

Single Earrings

Class Rings

Outdated Jewelry

Gold Watches

Gold Coins


Dental Gold

We did our research. There are a lot of options now for selling your gold; home parties, traveling vendors, even television commercials requesting you mail them your gold and in turn they will mail you a check. We wanted to know how we compared, we personally have checked local shops for comparison prices, only to find we pay more!
Go on vacation?
Buy new golf clubs, a big screen TV?
Pay off a credit card?
A new purchase at Dillon’s Jewelers and receive an additional discount
Whatever you choose to use your cash for, know that you’re going to get the best price for your old gold and precious metal jewelry!